Welcome To Green Lake United Methodist Church

Welcome to Green Lake United Methodist Church! We are located in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood on N 65th Street at First Avenue NE. More detailed directions are available here. Please join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Come rejoice with us!
Christmas Eve at 7:00 PM complete with music, story, singing, and candle-light.

Pastor Judy says,

You are welcome

  • If you never attend church because you think it is old-fashioned (Give us a chance to persuade you it's cool!)
  • If you attend only occasionally (Make this the Occasion to attend)
  • If you think churches are only asking for money (Come for the reverse offering!) (Curious? Come and see!)
  • If you are visiting from out of town (Bring the whole family. The story will be suitable for adults and kids.)
  • If you like Christmas music (There will be lots!)
  • If you like singing "Silent Night" by candlelight (We will be doing that.)
  • If you think church people are serious, pious, and no fun at all (Come pub-caroling with us Friday, December 23.)
  • If you think I am running out of "if's (I am just getting started!)
Come Rejoice!


Green Lake United Methodist Church
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